Energy Source & Distribution Magazine

September, 2015
Keeping remote workers safe and addressing duty of care requirements is critical for the Australian utilities industry. With industry growth and operational expansion into remote areas of the country, staff are working more than ever in isolated areas where there are no mobile or radio networks. Managing worker safety in remote areas can be costly and difficult and operators are under growing pressure to improve efficiency while maintaining their focus on worker health and safety.

Satellite communications company, Pivotel, has identified the OH&S requirements of Australian organisations with remote operations and developed Tracertrak, a powerful exception management and remote worker monitoring system that uses simple, handheld satellite communication devices.

In July 2015, Pivotel Satellite was recognised as the ACOMMS Satellite Provider of the Year for its innovation and dedication to the development of the Tracertrak solution. “Recognition as the ACOMMS 2015 Satellite Provider of the Year is a tremendous achievement for Pivotel and validates our long held commitment to innovation in the delivery of our services,” said Pivotel Satellite Group CEO Peter Bolger. “Tracertrak in particular has achieved a market leading position in enterprise remote worker safety by delivering a range of highly cost effective, simple to use remote worker monitoring solutions that help organisations to cost effectively manage the safety of their workers and to escalate requests for assistance or missed check-ins.” Remote workers can also raise an SOS alarm including a GPS location in the event of an emergency so the organisation’s safety team can raise an appropriate response.

Tracertrak operates using satellite networks, meaning no mobile black spots, so remote workers can check-in, send emergency messages or communicate via messaging with Head Office wherever they are. Peter Bolger noted “Head Office can use the online Tracertrak portal to monitor remote worker safety in the field – Tracertrak will alert them to any missed check-ins or SOS messages and can also be used with optional worker tracking to provide a last known location, an extremely valuable feature when workers fail to check-in or return on time”.