Company Profile


Learn more about Pivotel Satellite and the Pivotel Advantage

The Pivotel Network

Pivotel’s licensed Australian carrier network is directly interconnected with all of the major mobile satellite operators to provide the most extensive range of satellite voice, data, personal safety and asset monitoring solutions. Through network points of interconnection across Australia, users can connect to a secure, reliable and fast satellite network.

The Pivotel Team

Pivotel’s has a highly experienced team of over 70 people operating in New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. The multi-discipline Pivotel team includes Network Engineering, Operations, Application Development, Customer Care and Sales & Account Management, and is dedicated to ensuring Pivotel customers receive the very best products, service and customer experience.

The Pivotel Advantage

Pivotel is a different kind of mobile satellite company. We think mobile satellite should be simple and cost effective so we put together a number of features to provide you with the Pivotel Advantage. We call it mobile everywhere®.