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The agriculture industry in New Zealand is under constant pressure to increase organisational efficiency and also maintain a safe working environment for workers. The broader agriculture, farming and cropping industries have the need to monitor their high value assets, control remote assets no matter where they are and also address duty of care and OSH requirements for staff. With operations in remote areas outside mobile and radio coverage areas, monitoring and controlling assets while also keeping workers safe is a top priority.

Whether requirements are monitoring water tank levels remotely, controlling irrigation systems or monitoring the status of security doors, Tracertrak asset monitoring and remote control systems allow for asset monitoring no matter where the remote operations are. Tracertrak’s exception management system via a web based portal means users can leave the monitoring to Tracertrak and receive alerts only when there is an issue.

Keeping staff safe no matter where their work takes them is a top priority in any agricultural organisation. From small farms with patchy mobile coverage areas to large scale cropping operations, workers need the ability to call for help in the event of an emergency. Tracertrak’s lone worker safety solutions allow staff to carry a small hand-held device that allows them to check-in as ‘safe’ as necessary and also raise a SOS alert in the event of an emergency. Tracertrak monitors and advises if any ‘safe’ check-ins are missed also alerting you or an external emergency responder if a SOS is triggered.

With Tracertrak keeping your assets on task and monitoring worker safety you improve organisational efficiency and dramatically increase worker safety – no matter where your operations are located.

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