Pivotel Numbers

Introducing Pivotel Numbers, a new subscription service that allows you to easily send and receive SMS messages with any worker using a two-way Tracertrak messaging device.

Simple SMS for Satellite

Pivotel Numbers are designed to provide you and your team with an easy and intuitive messaging experience.

Pivotel Numbers give each Tracertrak user their own unique Australian ‘+61’ mobile phone number, simplifying messaging for Tracertrak users with a two-way device. Each Pivotel Number is unique and dedicated to an individual worker. The Pivotel Number follows the worker as they switch between devices, achieving a seamless messaging experience for your organisation and worker.
Pivotel Numbers are ideal for organisations that share a pool of Tracertrak devices among a group of users. If you have devices that are frequently switched between different team members, messaging your remote workers becomes as simple as knowing the workers Pivotel Number and sending an SMS to that number.

How do Pivotel Numbers work?

When you send a SMS message to a Pivotel Number, your SMS is sent to the Tracertrak user that is assigned that unique Pivotel Number. This results in a message being sent directly to the inReach, Iridium 9575, SafeWorker App, or other compatible device, regardless of which two-way device is allocated to the worker at that moment in time.
When the worker responds, their message will be delivered from their Pivotel Number, creating a private SMS conversation, just like a typical SMS conversation.

Why should I use Pivotel Numbers?

Using a Pivotel Number simplifies contacting your remote and isolated workers, meaning you no longer need to use a complicated messaging syntax, response website, or portal. Pivotel Numbers can be added to your contact list or address book, providing a convenient and immediate means of communication.
Using Pivotel Numbers also ensures each individual conversation is managed in its own SMS conversation, overcoming the issue of multiple communications coming through on a single Tracertrak SMS thread.

Benefits of using Pivotel Numbers:

  • A dedicated Australian ‘+61’ mobile number for individual Tracertrak users
  • A simple SMS messaging experience, just like a standard mobile phone
  • SMS messages are delivered to the Tracertrak user, regardless of which two-way device they are assigned to
  • Private SMS threads that provide 1-1 messaging
  • Direct SMS messaging, no need for the portal, special syntax or response websites

Subscription Charges

Pivotel Numbers are an optional value-added subscription service. Subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis, per active Pivotel Number.
Pivotel Number Subscription Cost: $2.50 inc GST/Pivotel Number, per month.

Which Tracertrak devices are compatible?

Pivotel Numbers are available for the following compatible two-way Tracertrak devices:
  • inReach SE/SE+
  • inReach Explorer/Explorer+
  • Iridium 9575
  • SafeWorker App

How To Activate Pivotel Numbers

Tracertrak Administrators can now enable Pivotel Numbers in the Tracertrak Portal. Click here to view the Pivotel Number Activation Guide.