smartone solar. $631.35 rrp inc. gst. subscription required.

SmartOne Solar

The SmartOne Solar satellite tracking unit is a rugged, battery powered device designed for remote asset tracking and monitoring. Used with Tracertrak, SmartOne Solar units provide a low cost solution to track remote assets and monitor the status of remote operations.

Complete and ready-to-go, the SmartOne Solar is solar powered and uses a non-replaceable built-in rechargeable NiMH batteries – meaning installation is quick and easy.

Tracertrak: gTrak Rate Plans

Choose the appropriate plan based on how many location updates you will require each month. Your chosen device profile will give you an indication of which size plan is appropriate. Need a different profile? Tracertrak profiles can be created for you, contact us for more information.

Plan Monthly Access Fee Included Device Reports Included SMS Device Reports SMS
Trak 31 NZD (Min. cost over 12 months is $372.60)
$31.05 31 - $0.20 $0.29
Trak 62 NZD (Min. cost over 12 months is $455.40)
$37.95 62 - $0.20 $0.29
Trak 100 NZD (Min. cost over 12 months is $538.20)
$44.85 100 - $0.20 $0.29
Trak 200 NZD (Min. cost over 12 months is $636.00)
$53 200 - $0.20 $0.29
Trak 300 NZD (Min. cost over 12 months is $720.00)
$60 300 - $0.20 $0.29
Trak Unlimited NZD (Min. cost over 12 months is $930.00)
$77.50 Unlimited - $0.20 $0.29
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Usage Type Cost
Device Reports $0.20
SMS $0.29

Tracertrak: gTrak Device Profiles

Your Tracertrak devices will be configured to report at certain times of the day and if required at a higher frequency when moving. Choose the gTrak profile that suits your needs.

Profile Daily location report(s) Reporting Frequency while moving Timezone Reference
gTrak 24-60 NZST 1200 hrs each 1 hr NZST (GMT+12)
gTrak 24-480 NZST 0600 hrs each 8 hr NZST(GMT+12)
gTrak 12-0 NZST 0500 hrs, 1700 hrs n/a NZST(GMT+12)
gTrak 24-15 NZST 1200 hrs each 15 min NZST(GMT+12)
  • Compact form factor
  • Self-contained – simple installation
  • Battery or solar powered
  • Supports up to 2 external alarm inputs
  • Increased frequency of reporting available when in motion

177.8 x 82.6 x 28.6 (mm)



Battery Life

Solar powered - up to 10 years

Enclosure Rating

IP69K (highest IP rating available)

Alarm Inputs

Two dry contact or wetted-voltage inputs available to manage engine run time, tank level or various alarm inputs

Integrated Motion Sensor


Primary Power Source

Built-in rechargeable NiMH batteries (non-replaceable)

Message Triggers

Time of day, Motion alarm, Wired alarm input


WEEE Compliant · GMPCS-MoU · MIL-STD-810G f

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