Hazmat Shipping

Maintain control over your Hazmat shipments to remote sites. Tracertrak provides solutions to effortlessly monitor your tankers and Isotainers as your valuable and sensitive cargo is shipped between sites, and monitor security at remote storage locations.

Tracertrak’s satellite based solutions can provide asset location data and alarm information from the most remote locations, while the long life battery solutions can provide many years of service with no need for external power supply or installation.

  • Maintain visibility of your valuable shipments virtually wherever they are – rail, road or sea.
  • Receive notification by e-mail or SMS once your Isotainer or tanker reports close to or at its destination.
  • Ensure shipments only travel along authorised paths, and receive notification if they reports from outside the authorised area.
  • Monitor for alarm events such as "door opened".
  • Effective Group Management provides simpler management and better visibility of large fleets of assets.
  • Constant end to end network monitoring ensures greater availability of the entire tracking service.

Improved efficiency

Improve situational awareness and the ability to see some or all of your Hazmat fleet at a glance to significantly increase asset utilisation and reduce operational down time. Imagine never having to wonder where your Isotainers are or how far they are away from arriving at their destination.

Tracertrak can notify you once your once your Isotainers or tankers have arrived at their destination, meaning efficient management at the port and efficient delivery to your customers.

Group & Permissions Management

With Tracertrak’s highly effective Group Management structure, you can easily locate one, many or all of your Hazmat shipments quickly and easily. Find out where your shipments are in relation to their destination, or where your stores of products are in relation to your operational needs.

Ensure Effective Control

With an Enterprise Grade permissions management structure, you can ensure that users of the system see only those assets and system functions that are important to their job.

Ensure Shipping Compliance

Set geofences to make sure your assets are only distributed in areas where they are authorised, and not in unauthorised areas such as danger zones or conservation sites.

Maximum Reliability

As New Zealand and Australia’s leading Mobile Satellite Services Provider, Pivotel ensures maximum reliability and minimum system disruption thanks to our high availability system design and our end-to-end network monitoring. Pivotel owns and operates its own satellite ground stations, data network and the Tracertrak application so you can be sure Pivotel will keep watch while you keep working.

Use these Tracertrak enabled products for your hazmat shipping solutions:

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