Tracertrak supports a wide range of hardware solutions to suit the needs of our customers. Typically, our devices use standard GPS to acquire their position and then transmit that along with other data to Tracertrak over commercial satellite communications networks. What type of information is sent varies from device to device and application to application, but most of our hardware falls under one of the following categories:

Tracertrak lone worker safety products are simple to operate devices that are carried by your workers in the field. All of the devices provide tracking functionality so that your workers are never out of sight. Each device has a dedicated SOS button, so your staff can send an alert with their exact coordinates in the event of an emergency.

Tracertrak asset tracking products are simple to install and operate autonomously. They are able to keep track of your assets for years at a time using long life internal batteries. You can also provide external line power in order to receive more frequent location updates and can have the devices programmed to report on conditions such as motion or alarm inputs (door opened, sensor activated etc).

Tracertrak fixed asset monitoring products enable you to monitor and control your assets that are located almost anywhere on the planet. The devices come with flexible configuration options, allowing you to monitor combinations of digital or analogue inputs to give you information such as sensor readings or engine on/off. You can also configure digital outputs to remotely control your assets from wherever you are.